Application Security

Securing your critical Web and business applications is a tricky landscape organizations are required to navigate, especially when the business enabling applications can also be a common entry points for attackers.

Bitland, Inc.. application security solutions provide organization with a comprehensive set of solutions to secure their web and business applications. Bitland, Inc.. application Security testing includes:

Code Review:

Bitland, Inc.. application code review process involves our AppSec specialists working with your internal developers to secure your business applications. Bitland, Inc.. experts perform detailed inspections of application source code, identify any potential weaknesses, and evaluate their impact to the business.

Bitland, Inc.. AppSec specialists will evaluate your application source code for vulnerabilities including but not limited to:

  • Improper Buffer Checking
  • Dynamic Content Creation Issues
  • Unintended Operation
  • Secure Code Signing
  • Input Validation (SQL injection, Command Re-direction, Insecure Automatic Data Inclusion)
  • Improper Cryptography
  • Unexpected Failure Conditions
  • Penetration Testing...View More