Bitland, Inc. offers free online training for Client/Server application and internet development tools around the world. The need for Application developers continues to grow and distance education over the Internet is a great way for you to gain that skill. Try us and see if you agree!

The course materials are divided up into the following four categories

Reading Material are designed to give you some broad background information about a specific topic. These assignments should be completed before moving on to the Hands-on tasks. Each reading assignment begins with a general objective, individual learning objectives, and a vocabulary list of keywords.

Self Tests are designed to allow the student to take a brief quiz over the material presented in a reading assignment, either right after the assignment has been completed or at a later date. The self test questions are automatically graded and returned to give you instant feedback on how well you comprehend the material.

Hands-on tasks are to be completed at your own computer. These tasks allow you to try out some of the commands and software applications discussed in the reading assignments on your own.

Resource Materials have been added in some lessons to aid you in completing the Hands-on tasks. Reference materials may include links to other web sites, multimedia examples of specific topics, or additional information about a particular subject.

Key Benefits

Eliminate difficulties in traveling
Eliminate difficulties in scheduling
Low Cost
Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Available Courses

Visual Basic