IT Infrastructure Support

An organization’s network infrastructure can have a sizeable effect on its entire business environment. Bitland, Inc. Infrastructure Support Services (ISS) capabilities deliver technology and process improvements to support client business goals.

Bitland, Inc. evaluates client’s network of hardware, servers, and enterprise application systems and detects potential points of improvement. Based on the initial audit, we develop a strategy and roadmap tailored to unique client business and technology needs that increase business efficiencies and provide higher ROI in infrastructure investments.

Infrastructure Support Services Provided

Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware Platforms and Solutions – Bitland, Inc. core ISS capabilities span the entire Microsoft, Citrix and VMware product portfolio.

System Management Solutions – Systems Management and Centralized Global Systems Management are driving key changes in the IT Landscape today.

Migration and Upgrade Asset Management – Bitland, Inc. has the experience and a multi-disciplined approach to help customers move up the stack successfully with limited downtime and strong continuity of business.

Storage Assessment and Migration – Bitland, Inc. leverages strong Server, Virtualization and Platform experience to accelerate clients forward with unique storage solutions that hit the mark.

Enterprise Architecture, Design, and Implementation – Bitland, Inc. drives solutions across many major Operating Environments, including: Microsoft, Red Hat, Linux, Sun/Oracle, and Mobile Device OS.

Enterprise Installation, Configuration, Deployment and Customization – Bitland, Inc. provides expert solutions to implement client, server, and application tiered solutions in core IT Enterprises.

Enterprise Application Management – Bitland, Inc.’ solutions allow broad insight into application trends and analysis to give clients the ability to orchestrate, automate and enlighten their application with a central approach.

Security Insight and Analytics Solutions – Bitland, Inc. brings proactive security solutions to its clients that provide awareness, scope of health and preemptive insight to their core network environment and security health index.