Penetration Testing

How secure do you think your environment is?

Security of an environment cannot be assured with out implementing and evaluating the security controls.

Penetration testing allows organization to do just that.

Trust the controls that are deployed in your environment but verify them at regular intervals to ensure they are performing as intended. Know what hackers can exploit to gain access to your environment before they actually know it.

Penetration testing involves the simulation of an attack by a hacker to expose the potential vulnerabilities in an applications and effectiveness of any security controls deployed to protect the application from malicious users.

Bitland, Inc. Penetration testing targets:

  • Input Validation
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • URL Manipulation
  • SQL Injection
  • Hidden Variable Manipulation
  • Cookie Modification
  • Authentication Bypass
  • Code Execution
  • Other Common Software Attacks

Bitland, Inc. testing results provide a detailed deliverable with both tactical and strategic recommendations that are both actionable and advisory in nature.

Bitland, Inc. can help you verify the adequacy and efficiency of the controls deployed to protect your sensitive corporate and client data.