CartWiz® creates easy to use, completely customized virtual "shopping carts." Since all of CartWiz's programming is custom, any function that you may need for successful e-commerce is possible.

Below are a few of the benefits that CartWiz's technology can offer:

  • Extraordinarily easy site navigation

    Using CartWiz's database technology, catalog changes can be made economically and efficiently. Customized search features make products easy and quick to find. Every item in the catalog is only one click away from every page of the site.

  • Impulse buying from the Web site

    CartWiz created a system whereby "other related products" show up with the currently viewed product. This increases sales by appealing to users' impulse buying urges.

  • Streamlined inventory and shipping procedures

    CartWiz® also integrates real-time inventory levels and real-time order tracking with the Web site. To accomplish this, we will create a custom program that will automatically communicate with your existing systems.

  • Multiple pricing structures displayed

    If you have different customers that get charged different prices, you need user registration and database programming. CartWiz can create a shopping cart that can display the correct pricing structures to each user. This is helpful for customers that get discounts and also for companies that deal with different currencies.